Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What exactly is Mediation and what are the RULES?

    Mediation is a process under which an impartial person, the Mediator, facilitates communication between the parties to promote reconciliation, settlement or understanding among them. The Mediator may suggest ways of resolving the dispute, but may not impose her own judgment on the issues for that of the parties.

    Click here to see a full list of the rules for mediation >

  • How to Schedule a Mediation?
    1. Click here (opens new tab/window) for our contact page.
    2. Fill out the information requested. 
    3. This information will be emailed to Krista Ross who will respond with dates of Ms. Torres’ availability. 
    4. Please note we cannot hold mediation dates


    *The date will not be confirmed & placed on the calendar until:

    • All parties have confirmed the date
    • You have indicated if you will need a half or full day
    • You have indicated if your preference is in person, Zoom and the location where the mediation will be held
    • Provide the attorneys of record contact information including who they represent
    • Provide the entire case caption


    PM = only the afternoon is available on this date
    AM = only the morning is available on this date

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